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If you are having the kitchen in your Scottish home remodelled and you see the perfect faux finish for the cabinetry in a restaurant in Florence, what do you do? You know photography won’t capture the look nor that perfect colour.

This is the predicament Peter and Merle Mullin from California found themselves in. Calling in a member of Aspen Murals meant that their problem was solved.

With representatives all over the world Aspen Murals group member Cait Whitson of Carte Blanche in Scotland was able to contact Alison Bukhgalter of Florence Art in Italy who met with The Mullins at the restaurant. Alison was then able to make samples in the exact colour and technique seen in the restaurant. Samples were then approved and shipped to Cait in Scotland where she could replicate the look perfectly for the Mullins at their Scottish home. Peter and Merle had confidence that the perfect look was being created thousands of miles away to their very exacting standards.

Who We Are:
Artists and Artisans

Aspen Murals is an international consortium of highly skilled decorative artisans and artists specializing in exceptional quality specialty faux and decorative finishes. Our common bond is craftsmanship, professional demeanor, and extensive worldwide experience in all manner of venues including commercial design, residential decor, and public spaces. Our common language is that of design, color, and proportion. We combine old master sensibilities with global networking. We are uniquely qualified to cater to the multinational homeowner.

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Our artisans specialities include restoration, polished plaster, traditional plaster, joinery, gilding, mosaic, faux bois, faux marbre, and custom paint faux finishes. Our artists create murals and old master studies on commission. Our designers are fully qualified to consult on a wide variety of projects from high end commercial installations to public spaces to private residences. Our design studios feature everything from the most modern digital design aids to archival quality print libraries. Our most valuable service is our vast knowledge base and network of resources.

Design and Consultation:
Project Management

We firmly believe that our personal way of business gives you exactly what you have dreamed of and keeps down the over-all cost. We offer personal one to one custom services for our multinational clients. We offer a design service to our private clients, provide a refit service and act as hands on project managers to get the job done as efficiently as possible with the utmost consideration schedule and budget. All of our tradesmen are qualified, insured and reliable. We can create decorative faux finishes for you customized to your specifications or provide suggestions from our libraries and sample stock.
To the Trade:

Compete on a Global scale with an artist's individuality and an artisan's touch. Our goal is to find the perfect professional to fit the Designer's style and needs. Through our global network of artisans, artists and vendors we provide all manner of custom decorative accents including sculptural detail, gilded accents, faux finishes, "bespoke finishes" and original art. We custom color all aspects of Decorative Art to fit your design concept. We also provide a variety of presentation services from hand painted sketches to digital 3D walkthroughs for your clients.


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