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How do we start?

What's the "consultation process"?

When you say "problem solving" what do you mean?

Will I only be working with the artisan in their country?

What is it like to work with you?

How do we start?

When you first contact the home office (info@aspenmurals.com1-970-963-3651) we will discuss the scope of work. Where is the home or business located? Which artisans will be best suited to your needs? What's your schedule? What's your budget? Once this has been determined we will send you a one sheet evaluation and a written estimate for the consultation process via PDF E-mail, fax, or regular post.

What's the "consultation process"?

For residential work It's essential to try and get a feeling of what your tastes and dreams are. This doesn't happen in one meeting - it takes a little time for people to relax enough for their real personality to come through. The first appointment involves meeting on site and talking about plans for uses of the room etc. We then make a second appointment and ask you to go through magazines and books so that you can show what you really like when we next meet. The 2nd meeting we will go through the pictures and talk about colors and we will probably show you some samples based on the first meeting . Then we go away and come up with some new samples for the 3rd meeting taking into account all that was discussed in the last meeting. After this we are ready to give estimates for the full job, a contract, and final samples.

For commercial work we need the overall concept for the job, the schedule, and the budget. We will need direct access to your architect, project manager, project consultants, and designers in order to draft an accurate estimate. We can also work on a strict cost plus per item basis.

When you say "problem solving" what do you mean?

Here are some examples: The Paris chimney, The Aspen load bearing post, The Snowmass boiler, the narrow dining room, and the Donna Karan story from Emily Swift-Jones:

"The Donna Karan (Lifestyle Emporium) story goes thus......Armourcoat Ltd (the worlds leading venetian plaster company) are referred to me for a gilding job for Donna Karan. The design involves 5 large walls that the client wants gilding as a focal point which will compliment the black and white polished plaster that will be used throughout. The original samples were done by an artist in NY but she had lost the samples and did not know what had been used to create them so I got the Architect to give me a description of what he wanted -

Architect (Peter Marino and Associates) " Imagine giant slabs of stone that have been dipped in gold and left out in the desert for years"

Me " Have the slabs been carved from the stone from the desert or have they been transported and used in the condition they were found?"

Arch' "As they were found"

Me " OK give me 20 minutes and have a look and tell me what you think of the sample"

20 minutes later

Me "Is this what you're thinking?"

Arch' "Perfect. Now think of all of these walls as your canvas and go for it!"

3 months, 5 huge walls, a gilded steel staircase, lighting trough and 5 steel service tables later the architect returns with the New York D.K designer

Me "Is everything OK?" (Grins nervously)

Arch' +Designer "Fabulous. You've cracked it girl"

Huge sigh of relief and we all live happily ever after with rave reviews after the official launch and the architect joins Donna Karans team in New York. Over the next year myself and one of my team go to Berlin, Moscow and Hong Kong to gild more Donna Karan stores on behalf of Armourcoat."

Will I only be working with the artisan in their country?

No! We work together and we use the best talents of each artisan to create every one of a kind environment. That is the tremendous advantage of Aspen Murals international artisans you have a top notch professional on your site who has resources at their fingertips which literally span the globe. We are also quite accustomed to working in countries other than the one in which we live.

What is it like to work with you?

This is the most important question isn't it? We can tell you how wonderful we are but doesn't truly give you an idea of our work ethic or standards of excellence. So here are a few comments from our clients both past and present:

"We were looking for inspiration and a talented workforce to help us out with the refurbishment of our home. Being a Grade 1 listed property, we needed a company who appreciated the constraints of the place yet who could help us create something stylistically different within the context of the building's history and layout. We didn't have the time to synchronise all the suppliers and were lucky enough to be referred to Aurum Design who were willing (and able) to take on the job of helping us scope out the work required, coordinate builders and electricians and, most importantly, lead us through the creative design process, stimulating us with ideas and examples of great paint finishes and colour combinations. Aurum Design's approach is not to impose their ideas on their clients but to tease out your own thoughts and feelings about colour and styles. They'll set you homework so that you search for things you like then they will synthesise your input into a coherent design, using different textures and finishes that provoke more thought. We found their knowledge and experience of decorative paints and effects to be invaluable, allowing us to choose original and truly interesting decoration for our home. The work to date has been carried out very professionally with two storeys now complete and we're looking forward to continuing our relationship with Aurum Design as we progress the restoration."
Steve Davis

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