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Mural: Old Master Study : Restoration:
Mural study in oils on plaster with crackalure finish after the Master of St Germain des Pres

A narrow 2.5 meter wide dining room in Paris with Faux window,faux shutters,faux view,and real wall. When faced with the problem of an extremely narrow room the logical solution seemed to be "open it up" with painted windows on the wall. The window casement detail is from the epoch of the building (1640's) the view is a little earlier the Louvre of Charles V which is the foundation of the current Louvre. The view was inspired by a painting by the "Master of St Germain" which can be seen in the Louvre gallery.

window mural
The narrow dining room prior to renovation as seen from the kitchen
Reverse view of the dining room before renovation showing some of the ceiling damage

Some personal details were added to this mural, the owners dog was painted running on the quai, and an antique Venetian wine glass was reproduced from the owners collection (sitting on the window sill)

This entire apartment needed extensive restoration of the moulded plaster cornice and ceiling.

There are two painted windows in the room, the shutters appear to move as you walk from one end the the other.

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