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Scenic Art: "Shadows and Fog" (Woody Allen, Orion Pictures)
designed by Santo Loquasto
astoria studios
Not only was every square inch of Astoria studios sound stage A and B filled with scenery it was all wild and all on giant swivel casters. Everything was "scenery" cobblestone streets were homosote the walls were plywood and stucco (you can see the back of the flats in the phot below) , the lamp posts were wood and plastic. I've never seen so many scenics on one set. This kept 3 unions busy for an entire season. The Charge Painter was Jim Sorice.
astoria studios stage B
phantom of the opera grissaille eiko ishioka showcurtain santo loquasto film set
Phantom of the Opera
designed by
Maria Bjornson

Broadway Production
Tony Award winning design

"M" Butterfly
designed by
Eiko Ishioka

Broadway and Tokyo productions

"Shadows and Fog"
film set
designed by
Santo Loquasto

Woody Allen,
Orion Pictures

scene shop david letterman model
Man of La Mancha
scene shop
designed by Paul Brown

Broadway Production

The Constant Wife
designed by Allen Moyer

Chinoisserie Wallpaper
Broadway Production

Late Night with David Letterman on NBC
model background
designed by Kathleen Ankers

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